Display Technology

The “Holy Grail” for reflective displays has still not been launched into mass production. This is a display with colour and resolution equivalent to printed paper, but updatable at video frame rate and most importantly, viewable in conditions of high ambient light. I’ve followed this field for 15 years, since the first e-inkTM displays emerged as e-readers. There is a significant market opportunity for the right technology.

With considerable insight to R&D & early stage business development in the Display Technology field, Mycelial Consulting offers: -

  • Contemporary assessment of emerging display technologies; special focus on reflective displays.
  • Display materials consulting; special focus on liquid crystal and electrophoretic materials: Design, creation, optimisation, manufacturability.
  • Technical due diligence on potential investments into display-related startup companies.
  • IP landscaping and white space analysis for emerging display technologies.