Human - Laboratory Connectivity

Hollywood films often portray laboratories as full of the most advanced technology; wafer thin tablet devices, transparent screens with images floating in mid-air, AR/MR/VR (augmented/virtual/mixed reality), voice control and not a piece of paper in sight.

The reality of most labs is rather different. Instruments and computers can happily connect to each other and transmit data and instructions via wire, fibre or wireless connectivity. However, the human in the lab is disconnected from this and must resort to their hands as the means of data input, via handwriting, typing and touchscreen interaction. There is great scope to improve this in future, by making those Hollywood Sci-Fi lab scenes a reality.

  • How can handwriting to text conversion be made really effective for use with laboratory software applications?
  • How can voice be used as either a data input medium or as a control medium?
  • How to achieve contactless data input using gesture control or novel photodiode array containing display interfaces? 
    Being contactless has many advantages, especially in labs where surface contact can cause issues of chemical or biological contamination.
  • How can AR/MR/VR be implemented in the lab as something more than a gimmick?
  • How can all of these alternative interactivity methods help to make laboratory work more accessable?

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