Laboratory Workflow

Laboratory work often needs to overcome extreme pressures of time and results delivery: whether this is a hospital testing lab trying to get COVID-19 antibody tests completed as quickly as possible or an industrial research lab working to develop a new materials solution for a customer who wants to get an electronics product to market before their competitors. Both have one thing in common – they need an efficient end to end workflow.

  • How to optimally manage the data inflow from testing instruments?
  • How to ensure that the equipment is available, maintained, calibrated & certificated?
  • How to make co-working as easy as possible?
  • How to make all of the data easy to find and analyse?

Mycelial Consulting offers: -

Examination of laboratory workflow, defining the needs for workflow digitalization (e.g. ELN, LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) & LES (Laboratory Execution Systems)), instrument connectivity and data analytics) & proposing the best digital software and hardware products. Taking users through the journey of change from their past to their future way of working, based on need and budget.